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Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall Shanghai


  Nanjing Road of Shanghai, known as “China's premier shopping street”, is flanked by hundreds of huge shopping centers, specialty stores and shops with unique Chinese characteristics and a long history. The pedestrian mall starts from Xizang Road (Middle) in the west and ends at He’nan Road (Middle) in the east. At the east and west ends of the pedestrian mall are two dark red marble screens, on which are former president Jiang Zeming’s autograph: Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall. Completed at the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, The mall gives a total new look to the hundred year old Nanjing Road, making it another beautiful urban scenic spot of Shanghai. Shanghai No. 1 Department Store (the former Daxin Company), Hualian Department Store (the former Yong’an Company), Shanghai Fashion Co., LTD. (the former ), and Shanghai No. 1 Foodstuff Store (the former Xinxin Company) are four major companies that reflect the past and present of Nanjing Road, making the road a combination of traditional and modern styles and adding a unique charm to it. Walking along this road, one will have a great sense of pleasure. The colorfully glazed floor tiles, the uniform peddler’s stands in the middle of the road, the fashionable stores flanking the street, the hustling and bustling crowd, the small, lovely sightseeing trains, the uniquely-designed city sculptures…, all these constitute a modern urban view of Shanghai.



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